About Us

Who we are

Established in 1995, MWD Myanmar World Distribution works ICT equipment supply, systems integration, network communications throughout Myanmar and presently works Managed Network Service Managed Security, Direct Internet Access, VoIP/Video Conferencing, and Fully Managed Router as a one-stop solution supplier. MWD Telecom is a leading IT service provider in Myanmar’s rapidly evolving technological industry.  We have years of experience in applying proven management and marketing practices.  We are professional and experienced in offering any kind of solution the IT market requires. 
            As an expert IT service provider, we have substantial knowledge and deployment experience with biggest fiber optics IP transport network over DWDM and SDH for several thousand kilometre for the  incumbent operator MPT during the liberalization of the mobile phones in 2012 to 2015.  Today we these insights that our team has attained, we have invested and owned my own fiber optics IP transport WDM network in the biggest commercial city Yangon with more than several hundred km of fiber optics.
            Our business domain knowledge demonstrated approaches, and innovation expertise of skilled IT experts yields excellent solutions that enhance organizations performance and productivity. Our practical, proficient and proactive IT solution delivery makes us one of the most searched after telecommunication organizations in Myanmar.
            As one of the top IT solution providers, we remain on time, scale the groups, and guarantee item and superb customer satisfaction and proven quality. In any event, when with us, you have the adaptability to recommend us.